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Scoring for Picture 

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Forlorn Part 1 - (Original Score)

Part 1 of the animated short film series "Forlorn" Directed by Alex St. Pierre with original score by Toft Willingham. In this episode a woman arrives in an ancient city and encouneters something she didn't expect.

Day for Nite Theme - (Original Score)

This is a VFX Reel for previsualization animation company "Day for Nite." The reel contains sequences from X-Men Apocalypse, Thor Ragnarok, Ghost in the Shell, Pacific Rim Uprising and an original score by Toft Willingham.      

Can't Go Back - (Hip-Hop/Pop Example)

Betsy - (String Orchestra Example)

She Said Yes - (Emotional/Romantic Example)

Haunted Violin - (Horror Music Example)

Marooned in Space - (Sci-Fi Theme Example)

This is an example of an original sci-fi theme in simple form and expanded for an action Cue. Video Copyright: Warner Brothers

Feed the Ducks - (Romantic Theme Example)

This is an example of an original romantic theme written for classical guitar and violin. Video Copyright: New Line Cinema

You Can Do It - (Inspiring Commercial Example)

This is an example of original inspiring commercial music. 

Video Copyright: NIKE

Prince Meets Girls - (TV Movie Example)

This is a light hearted orchestral composition for a made-for-TV movie. 

Video Copyright: Hallmark

Sneaky Christmas - (Christmas Example)

This is an example of a sneaky night time Christmas cue.

Video Copyright: 21st Century Fox

Christmas Eureka - (Christmas Example)

This is an example of a joyous Christmas "Eureka" moment. 

Video Copyright: Warner Brothers

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